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If you have followed our webinar series, you probably know, creating pipelines for Visual3D™ without Notepad++ is nearly impossible. Here at Bassett Biomechanics, we use this free source code editor as though it were the air we breathe. If you don’t already have it, stop reading now, and go download it:



Now that you have this very useful piece of software, lets see at what it looks like. Below is an example of a pipeline just opened.


Clearly, this is not much better than just editing the pipeline within Visual3D™, as it is merely “black-on-white” code. To get around this, you can install a language for better viewing*. We have created two version to suit your preferences best designed for black or white backgrounds. To download them, Free Members can click here. [if you are not a member yet, register here, it’s painless and free!]

To install the plugin, simply open the User-Defined Dialogue (in the View menu).


Click Import and select the language file you downloaded.


After you receive the Import successful notification, click OK. Then close Notepad++, and reopen it. At this point it is ok close the User-Defined Dialogue by selecting View->User-Defined Dialogue. To activate the language, simply select it from the Language menu.


Now, your Visual3D™ pipeline script is much more readable!


*In the interest of full disclosure there is one available on the C-Motion website as well.

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